Birthday Weekend.

I thought I would share with you my birthday weekend; I hope you enjoy. I met a few friends and cousins in Halloumi South, which is a Greek-Cypriot restaurant in Glasgow. Halloumi South serve fresh and authentic Greek food, with a variety of cocktails to choose from. They serve smaller dishes, so this allows you to choose two or three – so you can have a taste of several dishes on the menu. My grandpa is Greek-Cypriot, and my grandparents and mum’s sister live in Cyprus – so I really enjoy Greek food. I ordered the king prawns with chili and garlic, feta tempura with a chili and mango dip and the courgettes fried in light batter. I also choose two cocktails: the Poseidon which has fresh watermelon juice, tequila, blueberries, mint and lime juice and the Adonis which is a Greek style expresso martini. We ended the meal on some ouzo shots – the less I mention about the shots the better. The drinks and food were delicious, and I would absolutely recommend if you are looking to try some Greek food in Glasgow. I booked the private room downstairs, which was great as this gave us our own space.

After Halloumi South we went to The Rum Shack in the southside of Glasgow, which is a Caribbean bar. We then headed into the city center, and went to Firewater till the early hours. During the week I also enjoyed lunch with some family, and have some relaxed plans for the weekend. I am looking forward to the next year, and what is ahead.

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  1. Kim McKinney says:

    it sounds like a good way to start your next year. Enjoy the adventure ahead….and happy birthday!

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  2. Sameyh444 says:

    Happy birthday Katie, enjoy the precious years ahead!

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